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Meaning of the term Ethernet

Back in 1970’s when  Robert Metcalfe  co-invented one of the great inventions of our time in the Palo Alto Research Center  , he was enough vision to look ahead of the time and predict that it is going to be an omnipresent ( just like the god ? ) , he used the term Ethernet to name the technology he invented . He named it after the luminiferous ether concept of the physics which believes  that ether is the substance that fill our entire universe . Even if that conept is disapproved by the modern physics , ether is such a nice concept and Ethernet still continues to be the omnipresent as far as the internet and normal networks are concerned . From  the first 3 mbps to the current 10 Gigs  networks ,ethernet remains omnipresent .


                                                                                         Metcalfe’s first Ethernet sketch.


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